LifeXtend™ HRP Conjugate Stabilizer/Diluent

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LifeXtend™ conjugate stabilizer/diluent is a proprietary multi-component reagent system that stabilizes antibody-HRP conjugates both at 4°C and at ambient temperature.

By using LifeXtend™ HRP stabilizer/diluent in antibody conjugation the HRP conjugate can be stabilized during use and stored as pre-diluted, ready-to-use reagents thus eliminating waste and improving consistency from experiment to experiment. LifeXtend™ shows superior performance in accelerated stability tests at 37°C, underlining its potent life-extending properties under standard conditions of storage and use.

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LifeXtend™ HRP Conjugate Stabilizer/Diluent

Manufacturer Innova Biosciences Ltd.

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