LiChroTest® Kits by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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LiChroTest® Kits

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Qualification of HPLC Systems. The Merck LiChroTest® Kits were developed to facilitate qualification work in the HPLC laboratory. Regular perform qualification of the LaChrom® System is now possible with LiChroTest® PQ, a complete test kit for 9 different HPLC system tests. It comprises a method description, a test report with sample specifications, methods for use with the LaChrom® D-7000 HPLC System Manager software, an HPLC column and 2 different sample packs. In addition, 5 different packs of LiChroTest® standard sample are available for application oriented functional control of HPLC systems. Each pack contains five ampoules with samples and Certificate of Analysis documenting the uniform quality of the samples. This selection of test samples facilitates the checking of the most important performance parameters of HPLC systems standardised and easy-to-use way. With this valuable aid, Merck has further contributed towards ensuring the quality of analytical results.