LiChrospher Columns by Agilent Technologies

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LiChrospher Columns
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LiChrospher silica columns are made with spherical, 'sil' type porous silica particles.

LiChrospher Columns Features:

  • Available in 5 µm particle size
  • Reversed-phase available in RP-C18, RP-18 Encapped, RP-8, RP-Select B, CN
  • Normal-phase available in CN, Diol, NH2, Si
  • Applications—Pharmaceuticals, aromatics
  • LiChrospher RP-18—Spherical silica for acidic, neutral and basic compounds with great batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • LiChrospher CN—Polar modified silica gel phases > polar and hydrophobic properties; also used in normal-phase chromatography

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