LiChrosolv® Hypergrade Solvents for LC-MS

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High purity solvents for LC-MS and trace analysis with UV and fluorescence detection: 0.2 µm stainless steel filtered – perfect for use in UPLC and UHPLC.

  • Very high UV-transmittance.
  • Excellent baseline stability in gradient elution.
  • Very low total ionic current (TIC) in LC-MS.
  • Low level of ionic background and ion suppression.
  • High ionization efficiency in all ionization methods (electrospray ionization/atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (ESI/APCI) positive and negative mode).


  • Protein profiling.
  • Pesticide Analysis.
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
  • Proteomics LC-MS.
  • LC-MS routine analysis.

Lichrosolv® hypergrade solvents enable analysis in the low ppb trace range and can be used for both the isocratic separation of 6 PAHs according to the German DIN method and the gradient separation of 16 PAHs according to the methods EPA 610 (analysis of drinking water) and EPA 550 + benzo(e) pyrene + perylene (analysis of waste water).