LiChrolut® SPE

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Rating: 2.3

"This product works very well and efficiently. It is hard to use however. To consistently regulate the flow rate you have to buy a very expensive pump from them as well."

Review date: 08 Jun 2011 | LiChrolut® SPE
Merck Lichrolut columns are designed for reliable and rapid solid phase extraction.

This is achieved by using strong but reversible interactions between the analyte and the surface of the stationary phase. A variety of surface modifications allow non-polar extractions (Lichrolut® RP18 and RP18e), polar extractions (Lichrolut® Si and Lichrolut® CN), Cation Exchange extraction (Lichrolut® SCX), mixed mode extraction (Lichrolut® TSC) and non-polar extractions on a polymer phase (Lichrolut® EN) which is especially well suited for the extraction of pesticdes and phenols in water or drugs in body fluids.

Also available with the Organics XXS Bundle.

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LiChrolut® SPE

Manufacturer Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

2.3 / 5.0 | 1 reviews