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GAT Gamma Analysentechnik GmbH (Now: NORDANTEC GmbH)

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A unique high performance ion exchange system for solid phase extraction: LiChrolut® tentacle ion exchanger improves the mass transfer and the recoveries in ion exchange solid phase extraction. Small elution volumes, very high chemical stability and very high capacity are also reasons for the superiority of LiChrolut® SCX and SAX. In contrast to conventional ion exchangers, tentacle functional exchange groups do not lie in defined positions on the surface but along a flexible, covalent bonded chain with 5 to 20 monomer units. The high surface area and the large number of freely movable polymer chains as well as the high capacity means that there is excellent accessibility of the exchange locations for the analytes. This results in a combination of rapid sample throughput with higher than normal yields when extracting charged organic molecules.