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GAT Gamma Analysentechnik GmbH (Now: NORDANTEC GmbH)

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Highest capacity for solid phase extraction: LiChrolut® EN saves time and money in solid-phase extraction as less time is required for conditioning and drying. In addition, only a little solvent is required for elution of the analytes from the cartridge bed. The reduced quantity of solvent leads to a lower degree of contamination and to an increase in detection sensitivity. This improves the analysis of the relevant extracted compounds. LiChrolut® EN is especially designed for applications in environmental analysis where on the one hand highly contaminated samples occur and on the other hand very polar organic components have to be analysed. Due to the extremely high adsorption capacity of LiChrolut® EN towards polar organic compounds, only 200 mg of sorbent is sufficient for reproducible extractions and high recovery rates. In comparison to LiChrolut® RP-18, LiChrolut® EN has a tenfold higher capacity.