LibraryView™ Software by SCIEX

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LibraryView™ Software
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LibraryView™ Software is a fast way to analyze large volumes of data for contaminant screening applications. This unique MS/MS software solution offers accurate, efficient library searching, data mining, and compound database management in one easy-to-use platform.

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High-throughput data analysis in minutes: Screening your chromatograms for hundreds of compounds in hundreds of samples can require endless hours at the computer. With LibraryView Software, you can analyze data against extensive compound library databases and accurately screen multiple samples for multiple contaminants in minutes.

Take control: LibraryView™ Software gives you more interactive control of your library searches. With user-defined search criteria, you can set compound-specific purity thresholds and other parameters based on your lab's analysis criteria, then expand or reduce searchcriteria to quickly flag potential positive hits.

Targeted turnaround: Labs are often tasked with screening samples against a targeted list of compounds. LibraryView™ Software supports the creation of multiple libraries, including targeted libraries for unique analyses. Searching targeted libraries of interest can increase the speed of data analysis and greatly improve sample turnaround time.

  • Analyze complete batches of large contaminant screens in minutes.
  • Define criteria for interactive library searching.
  • Customize your own libraries for faster library searching.
  • Create dynamic libraries for more robust searches.
  • Review data interactively.
  • Export libraries for easy transfer across multiple instruments.
  • Support for Windows 7, 32-bit.

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LibraryView™ Software by SCIEX product image

LibraryView™ Software

Manufacturer SCIEX  |  Available Worldwide

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