Library Studio (Experimental Design) by Symyx

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Library Studio (Experimental Design)
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With Symyx Software Library Studio® scientists can design complex libraries for a variety of applications, including polymer formulation, catalyst synthesis, pharmaceutical API salt selection and crystallization, and material synthesis.

Ease of Design

  • Design libraries with varying composition: control the layout of chemicals or mixtures of chemicals throughout a library using a drag and drop “paint” user interface.
  • Design reagent amounts using equations: express chemical relationships in common units (mole, mass, volume, concentration) and let Library Studio do the math.
  • Design process conditions (temperature, rate, pressure, etc.) to capture reaction parameters and explore composition and process space.

Ease of Reuse

  • Reuse library designs to rapidly create new libraries, or use the copy and paste feature to assemble new libraries from existing ones.
  • Reuse favorite chemicals, mixtures and process conditions.


  • Automatically recalculate reagent amounts when modifying stock solution concentrations. Ensure that all reagent amounts are compatible with the accuracy of the automation equipment.
  • Use the Worksheet data to prepare reagents and stock solutions.
  • Create machine readable recipes that can be passed to automation software for execution on a variety of solid and liquid handling platforms.
  • Flexible reports display various aspects of the design, including chemical and mixture definitions, library pie or bar chart visualizations, the recipe and worksheet. These can be saved, printed, and emailed.


  • Extend the capabilities of Library Studio with add-ins using the Symyx Developer’s Kit.