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Agilent reagents enable the scientist  to quickly and easily purify and analyze a wide range of nucleic acidsDNA, RNA, gDNA, mRNA, miRNA, plasmid DNAfrom virtually any kind of sample for downstream analysis. No matter the application, Agilents portfolio of reagents and analysis tools ensure the highest quality samples for high-confidence results.

A kit for every need

With products like Absolutely RNA Kits, researchers can purify RNA from cells, tissues and archived samples, while StrataPrep kits enable DNA purification from gels, PCR reaction mixtures and mammalian tissues.

Purity you can count on

Achieve the highest level of purity, free from contamination and degradation, even when working with the most challenging samples, such as FFPE tissue samples. Agilents portfolio features non-toxic methods, high quality total RNA, and optimized protocols for high-quality results every time.