LIBRA® 200 by ZEISS Microscopy

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LIBRA® 200

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Rating: 3.0

  • Application Area: Materials science, materials physics, metallurgy

"Great specifications for EELS and good value for money. However we have experienced quite a lot of downtime. Software is easy to use but there are many options which are not accessible for the standard user and this makes it not possible to completely align the instrument. Technical service is often not able to find the technical reason for misalignment."

Review date: 05 Nov 2012 | LIBRA® 200

LIBRA 200 FE is the first EF-TEM combining the corrected In-column OMEGA energy filter, the unique Koehler illumination, and a highly efficient field emission emitter. The excellent performance ensures that the operator obtains optimum results in materials research.

Key Features
•200 kV Schottky field emitter with Koehler illumination system
•In-column corrected OMEGA filter
•HR- and HT-objective lenses
•High precision 5-axes goniometer stage
•300 mm high stability column
•Dry differential vacuum system
•Sub-ppm stability control electronics

LIBRA 200 Cs-TEM improves the point resolution of the microscope up to its information
limit by incorporating an imaging corrector for the objective lens:

•Point resolution < 0,1nm @ 200 kV
•Operation at 80 kV or 200 kV
•Atomic resolution at 80 kV
•Delocalisation free imaging

Product Overview

LIBRA® 200 by ZEISS Microscopy product image

LIBRA® 200

Manufacturer ZEISS Microscopy

3.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews