DEACTIVATE: LEXT Confocal laser scanning microscope by Olympus Life Science

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DEACTIVATE: LEXT Confocal laser scanning microscope

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LEXT OLS3100 - The next step in the evolution of 3D laser confocal metrology

To meet our customers' demands for fast performance, easier operation and greater accuracy, Olympus has developed LEXT - a confocal laser scanning microscope for ultra-precise measurement and observation with the highest levels of reliability. The new LEXT OLS3100 minimizes manual operation, improving ease of use for everyone. Even first-time users can operate the system like an expert and obtain fast reliable measurement results. The new system features not only improved functionality, but also an even higher level of measurement performance. LEXT meets a diverse range of needs in fine surface profile measurement. Both 3D observation and high-precision 3D measurement are possible in real time. With an outstanding horizontal resolution of 0.12µm and a magnification range from 120x to 14,400x LEXT is designed for researchers working between the limits of conventional optical microscopes and scanning electron microscopes (SEM). Unlike the situation in SEM any sample can be placed directly on the microscope stage without pretreatment. LEXT is ideally suited for ultra-fine surface observation and measurements required for micro fabrication devices like MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System), for new materials development, and for today's thinner devices, with more compact surface mounting requirements.