Leica M205 C by Leica Microsystems

Manufacturer Leica Microsystems

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Leica M205 C
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Ideal for pathology, histology and oncology applications, the modular Leica M205 C is the world's first stereo microscope to offer 20.5:1 zoom, resolves structural detail down to 476nm.

Through the simultaneous combination of maximum depth of focus and high resolution, Leica's new FusionOptics technology allows you to clearly see more details of the sample with high richness of detail and depth of field. The included objective provides high resolution and detail able to resolve structures of less than one micrometer with a generous 61.55mm working distance for manipulating specimens. This fully apochromatically corrected stereo microscope features an integrated electronic magnification readout for easy repetition of imaging parameters and analysis, making work faster and easier.