Leica DMI6000 B with AFC by Leica Microsystems

Manufacturer Leica Microsystems

Leica DMI6000 B with AFC by Leica Microsystems product image
Leica DMI6000 B with AFC
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The Leica DMI6000 B fully automated inverted research microscope is a flexible platform for fluorescence, live cell, time-lapse imaging, high-speed multi-fluorescence optical sectioning, and micromanipulation in biomedical research.

Adaptive Focus Control ensures image clarity and sharp focus during long term time lapse experiments with living cells, enabling high speed dynamic live cell experiments for research, discovery and publication quality imaging. Featuring intelligent imaging at the touch of a button - control contrast, illumination and stability to ensure razor-sharp, brilliant images. Quality imaging is assured with Leica's Zero Pixel Shift technology. The Leica DMI Illumination Manager automatically sets brightness, aperture, and field diaphragm to optimal values for added convenience and reliability. The Parfocality Manager provides a sharp image at all times even after changing the magnification. A myriad of advanced software options include well-plate screening, 3D imaging, FRET, Deconvolution, and co-localization allow further customization. Deconvolution functionality provides increased in-focus, thru-focus fluorescence image resolution for sharp/clear publication quality images.

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