Leica DM IL LED by Leica Microsystems

Manufacturer Leica Microsystems

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For imaging and screening cell and tissue cultures, micromanipulation, and live cell examinations, the Leica DM IL LED saves you time, money and space with LED illumination and a small footprint wrapped up in an easy-to-use microscope.

The Leica DM IL LED features the most comprehensive array of contrast methods; including brightfield, phase contrast, fluorescence, and integrated modulation contrast. The generous work space facilitates tools, large culture flasks, and multi-well plates. User centric ergonomic settings with height-adjustable stage, adjustable viewing tubes with tilt, settings for interpupillary distance and diopter provide enhanced comfort. The LED illumination features automated brightness based on the contrast method and provides constant color temperature, eliminating bulb changes - saving you time and money.

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