Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence by Leica Microsystems

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Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence
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Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence (LAS AF) is the easy to use software platform for advanced life science research with Leica Microsystems confocal and widefield systems.

LAS AF offers full control over the microscope hardware and at the same time minimizes the need for user interaction through intelligent automation, e.g. by opening and closing shutters according to the selected contrasting method or by moving matching DIC prisms into the light path when changing objectives. All system parameters can be applied to further experiments for maximum reproducibility.

A wide choice of hardware components e.g. the unique water immersion micro dispenser, high precision stages and live cell accessories can be added to obtain integrated and reliable system solutions dedicated to specific applications like screening, ratio imaging, FRET, colocalization studies, super-resolution, TIRF or electrophysiology.

Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence Products:

  • Leica LAS AF 3D Analysis - Measure various aspects of intracellular structures such as volumes of nuclei, their surface, or distances and angles between the nuclei. Individual 3D objects can be measured with the interactive 3D measurement tool.
  • Leica LAS AF 3D Visualization - Offers a wide variety of brilliant real-time 3D rendering options. Functions include fast rotation, display of 3D images on stereoscopic displays, interactive shadow projection, even combined with transparency projections, isosurface render mode, orthogonal sections, annotations, 3D crop tool, or editing of 4D data sets to produce impressive animated movie sequences.