LE220 High Performance Ultra-Sonicator by Covaris, Inc.

Manufacturer Covaris, Inc.

LE220 High Performance Ultra-Sonicator by Covaris, Inc. product image
LE220 High Performance Ultra-Sonicator

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The LE220 Ultra sonicator reproducibly shears DNA to desired lengths, in a multi-sample parallel-processing mode.The LE220 is specifically designed for next-gen nucleic acid sequencing that requires a Covaris AFA solution in a higher throughput format. The LE220 utilizes proven industry-standard Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustic™ AFA™ technology to concurrently shear multiple DNA samples.

In a 96 well microplate or tube array, a row of 8 samples is processed simultaneously by the line transducer in the LE220. By indexing across all 12 rows, the 96 samples are actually processed 8X faster than with a single-sample instrument. The LE220 can process a wide variety of sample formats (including 24, 48, 96, 384 and beyond) an entire row at a time.

The Covaris non-contact AFA process focuses high frequency acoustic energy into a small, well defined zone within the sample vessel to create rapid and very complete sample processing. Covaris AFA technology eliminates operator
induced variation, improves recoveries, increases efficiency and provides reproducible standardized results.