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Review date: 28 Apr 2006 | LC-NMR/MS

The LC-NMR/MS setup was first introduced by Bruker BioSpin in 1999. An LC-NMR system including a Bruker Peak Sampling Unit (BPSU-36) was coupled with a Bruker Daltonics esquire series ion trap mass spectrometer via a Bruker NMR-MS interface (BNMI). Since October 2004 the Bruker Daltonics microTOF-LC time-of-flight mass spectrometer can also be integrated in an LC-NMR setup.

The microTOF-LC provides the exact mass of the analyzed sample and therefore access to the sum formula. This, together with the NMR spectrum for the compound, often already provides the answer to your questions.

The microTOF-LC mass spectrometer and its software are completely integrated into the LC-NMR setup. During chromatographic separation microTOF-LC provides the mass spectra of the eluted peaks. Likewise microTOF-LC allows HyStar™ to trigger collection of chromatographic peaks into loops (LC-NMR), or SPE cartridges (LC-SPE™ NMR) based on mass chromatograms.

The relatively new technique of LC-SPE™ NMR and mass spectroscopy go especially well together. The SPE as interface between LC and NMR allows the usage of completely non-deuterated solvents during the chromatographic separation, and thus simplifies the acquired MS spectra. Sample enrichment through repeated chromatographic runs requires highly reliable peak detection. This peak detection is accomplished much easier through the use of highly sensitive mass chromatograms, then with UV chromatograms.

The microTOF LC mass spectrometer is linked to the LC-NMR or LC-SPE™ NMR setup with a Bruker NMR-MS interface.

The mass spectrometer can be positioned on top of the Bruker NMR MS compact console or placed on a separate table.

The table for the microTOF-LC holds the rough pump in a noise-shielded compartment and has wheels which allow simple transport of the mass spectrometer. This allows the usage in a separate LC-MS setup, but is also an interesting solution for microTOF-LC installations.

This combination of two powerful analysis techniques has been continued and now allows all esquire series mass spectrometers to be integrated into an LC-NMR setup. It provides a very compact version of an LC-NMR system with a mass spectrometer. The parts for a standard BRUKER Avance NMR spectrometer (300 to 600 MHz) can be positioned in a compact console. The HPLC equipment is located in a similar cabinet of equal size. An additional cabinet contains the rough pump for the MS spectrometer in a noise-shielded environment. The new LC-SPE™ NMR technique can also be integrated into such a setup. The Bruker/Spark Prospekt II interface can be positioned on top of the LC-NMR console and is completely integrated in the setup.

On top of the resulting console we can position, for example, the esquire6000 plus mass spectrometer, an 1100 series HPLC instrument from Agilent, the BRUKER NMR-MS interface, and optionally an LC-SPE™ NMR interface.

As a result we require an area of less then 2 m2 to locate all the necessary instruments for LC-NMR/NMR-MS coupling ... except the magnet and the computers controlling the setup.

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Manufacturer Bruker Daltonics

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