LC-MS Pesticides Application Kit

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  • Application Area: Analyze and detect biomolecules

"The product is good and gives value for money but after sales is to be seen."

Review date: 29 Jul 2015 | LC-MS Pesticides Application Kit
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  • Application Area:Sample analysis

" This product is very good for using in analysis purposes. "

Review date: 16 Jan 2015 | LC-MS Pesticides Application Kit
Fast screening with easy-to-use Application Kits and databases

  The analysis of pesticide residues in food and environmental samples is challenging due to the low concentrations and large number of analytes to be monitored and quantitated. Agilent LC/MS and LC/MS/MS Pesticides Application Kits, including an Accurate Mass or Dynamic MRM Pesticides database, are ready to use and allow a laboratory to develop methods quickly and efficiently. The Accurate Mass database for use with TOF or Q-TOF LC/MS systems and the Dynamic MRM database for use with the Triple Quadrupole LC/MS contain pesticides commonly monitored around the world and provide fast, customized method development of pesticides that need to be monitored. The analysis methods provided in the application kits use the latest LC/MS and LC/MS/MS technologies for improving productivity in the laboratory.