LC Dissolution Software by Agilent Technologies

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LC Dissolution Software
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Agilent's LC Dissolution Software is an add-on module to the ChemStation Edition of the OpenLAB Chromatography Data Systems. The software controls the analysis of dissolution samples and calculates final dissolution results. In combination with OpenLAB ECM or OpenLAB Data Store, all tools for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance such as access control, data security, data integrity, electronic signatures and archival are provided.

Features of LC Dissolution Software:

  • Generation of sequence template based on your dissolution experiment settings for automated analysis runs
  • Seamless integration of existing LC methods for data acquisition and quantitative data analysis
  • Full utilization of all LC ChemStation software capabilities
  • Visual dissolution analysis progress by live updated graphical views on dissolution tables and profiles for all active ingredients
  • Volume corrections for sampling, evaporation and medium volume changes.
  • USP Acceptance criteria evaluation for immediate, delayed and extended release dosage forms and quality control limits checking.
  • Dissolution results calculated as % dissolved, weight or weight per weight of tablet
  • Conversion of sample analysis data into dissolution results
  • Integrated dissolution run and system configuration data reporting