LC/MS/MS Method Package for Primary Metabolites

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LC/MS/MS Method Package for Primary Metabolites

Ready-to-Use Analytical Conditions

Shimadzu Method Packages deliver conditions for efficient and simultaneous multi-component analysis. They enable the user to quickly and easily implement complex methods without costly and laborious method development by providing sample preparation protocols, LC separation conditions, and MS acquisition parameters.

Contains 55 Primary Metabolites Including Glycolytic System, TCA Pathway, and Pentose Phosphate Pathway plus Amino Acids and Nucleotides

The Primary Metabolite Method Package contains conditions for the simultaneous analysis of 55 components contained in the major metabolic pathways of organisms. The method allows you to make the variability study of in vivo metabolites.

Complete from Sample Preparation to Analysis

Protocols are included for the preparation of extracts from biological tissue.Saving the user time and money, even laboratories unfamiliar with extraction can follow prescribed steps for LC/MS/MS sample preparation.

Normalization of Multiple Sample Results

Due to mass differences between biological tissue samples, normalization of results must be performed when multiple samples are analyzed. This method package includes optimized analytical conditions for two internal standards to permit normalization across multiple samples.