LAUDA Proline Heating and Cooling Thermostats by LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG

LAUDA Proline Heating and Cooling Thermostats by LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG product image
LAUDA Proline Heating and Cooling Thermostats
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LAUDA Proline - Heating and Cooling Thermostats 

• Intuitive operation
• Ultra high and low temperatures

Heating and cooling thermostats with temperatures from -90 up to 300 °C for professional use in research, application engineering and production

LAUDA Proline thermostats are our solution for high performance and reliable temperature regulation. With their broad temperature range they fulfill high requirements. LAUDA Proline thermostats are available in two versions: in the basic version with the Master control head, and as a Command version with a removable
control unit for enhanced ease of operation. Master version devices can be retrofitted with the Command remote control, which are simply connected to the control head. The thermostat automatically recognises and controls all newly installed moduls.

Distinguishing features:
• Master or Command version
• 52 different devices
• Simple retrofitting from Master to Command version
• Graphical user guidance
• Adaptive control on cooling thermostats
• Patented SmartCool system
• PowerAdapt system for adjustment of the power consumption
• Two insert ports can be combined with five different interface modules
• Easy distribution of the pump flow by means of bypass valve
• Pump connections on the side and rear
• High-performance pressure-suction-pump (Varioflex pump) with eight pump levels
• Up to 3.5 kW (230 V) heating power – even on all cooling thermostats via SmartCool system

Application examples
• Temperature control for chemical synthesis
• Tests on electronic components at different temperatures
• Temperature control of measuring structures in process technology
• Heating and cooling of glass reactors