LAUDA ECO heating and cooling thermostats by LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG

LAUDA ECO heating and cooling thermostats by LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG product image
LAUDA ECO heating and cooling thermostats
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With the new ECO LAUDA there are innovations and developments particularly with regard to the range of features and the ease of operation. Both control heads, designated ECO Silver and ECO Gold, have a powerful circulating pump with a more than 30 per cent higher pump capacity compared to the predecessor models. A menu navigation in plain text allows easy operation of the devices. Both control heads are equipped with a mini-USB interface as standard. Further interfaces are available as modules. Another innovation is the practical allocation of a flow rate switch at the front on the control head. This means that individual adjustment of the flow between internal and external circulation is possible even during operation. The angular front is unique and minimises the footprint. All cooling thermostats are available as air or water-cooled variants.

Control head Silver
The control heads Silver with 1.3 kW heater power are perfectly suited for thermostating tasks up to 150 °C. They are fitted with a monochrome LCD display.

Control head Gold
The control heads Gold with a heating power of 2.6 kW have a working temperature range of up to 200 °C. They are provided with a large colored TFT display. Temperature profiles can be displayed graphically. A comprehensive programmer with five programms and 150 temperature/time segments is a further distinctive feature compared to Silver.

Distinguishing Features:
• Operation via cursor and softkeys
• Simultaneous display of set and actual temperature, navigation in plain text
• Overtemperature setting via display
• Safety class III, FL for flammable liquids
• 1-point calibration by the user
• Vario pump with six levels
• Flow rate switch for internal or external circulation
• Mini-USB interface as standard

Application examples:
• Precise temperature regulation in cell biology, quality assurance and analytics
• Sample preparation in chemistry and pharmacy
• Temperature control in electronics and life sciences
• Cooling in material tests