Laser TIRF System

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Enables single molecule visualization, allowing dynamic observation and functional analyses of both in vitro and living cells.

Innovative motorized laser TIRF system
Newly developed motorized laser TIRF illumination unit allows laser incident angle adjustment, shutter control and switching to widefield fluorescence excitation with the control pad or NIS-Elements software. The laser incident angle can be stored with a single touch of the control pad button. Stored laser incident angles can be easily reproduced. This enables alternate time-lapse recording between fluorescence and multi-wavelength TIRF images.

Ultra-high signal/noise ratio enables observations of single molecules
The extremely high S/N ratio created by Nikon’s laser TIRF imaging system makes it possible to observe single molecules. Thanks to Nikon’s proprietary Noise Terminator mechanism, the system can also produce breathtaking epi-fluorescence images with a high S/N ratio.

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Laser TIRF System

Manufacturer Nikon Instruments Europe

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