Large Direct-Pure EDI Water System by RephiLe Bioscience

Manufacturer RephiLe Bioscience

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Large Direct-Pure EDI Water System

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The Large Direct-Pure® EDI System produces Type II water from tap water directly. Resistivity of the product water is above 5 MΩ-cm (25ºC), which meets or exceeds Type Ⅱ water quality standard defined by ASTM®, CAP, CLSI and ISO® 3696/BS 3997, the European and U.S. Pharmacopoeia. The System is designed for users who need 400 to 1800 liters of Type II water per day.

• The system incorporates the best in class Siemens EDI module to deliver high quality Type II water consistently at relatively lower cost
• Automatic water quality control programs ensure EDI product water meeting or exceeding Type II water requirements
• The fully automated control system contains pre-rinse, RO membrane fouling preventing flush, RO membrane life monitoring as well as many other programs for convenient operation
• The pre-rinsing program starts automatically when a new RO membrane is installed so there is no need for users to set up additional cleaning procedures
• Users can set water dispensing time for easy water collection
• RephiLe can provide full document support to meet users’ GMP, GLP, FDA and other certification requirements