Laminar Flow Workstation (Horizontal Flow) by Bigneat Ltd

Manufacturer Bigneat Ltd

Laminar Flow Workstation (Horizontal Flow) by Bigneat Ltd product image
Laminar Flow Workstation (Horizontal Flow)
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For procedures requiring clean air, for operator protection or product protection.

Bigneat’s horizontal flow laminar flow workstations/cabinets have been designed to provide an excellent view of the working area and to be truly portable. A quiet fan/filtration system either provides particle-free, sterile air conditions to the work space (for sample/process protection) or draws air away from the operator and through the filter system returning it purified back to the lab (operator protection).

Comfort and Convenience

Operated by simple to operate electronic touch button controls incorporating service due indicator and audible low airflow alarm.

This cabinet may be positioned on an existing bench or can be supplied as a free standing system on a supporting mobile bench with integrated cupboard or an open stand (ideal for sitting at whilst working).

Key Features

  • Comfortable to use, easy controls with well lit working area
  • Excellent access & visibility
  • Efficient insulation, quiet operation
  • Service ports in each side panel


  • Pre-Filtration removes particles greater than 0.5micron @ 92% efficiency
  • HEPA Filtration removes particles greater than 0.3micron @ 99.997% efficiency


Specifically manufactured to comply with the guidelines of ISO 14644 – 1:1999 Class 5 (Fed. Standard 209E:1992 Class 100), requiring a sterile working environment and air velocity at filter face of 0.45 ms-1.

Cabinets are provided in three standard widths: 1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm.

Product Overview

Laminar Flow Workstation (Horizontal Flow) by Bigneat Ltd product image

Laminar Flow Workstation (Horizontal Flow)

Manufacturer Bigneat Ltd

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