Lambda EMBL3/BamH I Vector Kit by Agilent Technologies

Lambda EMBL3/BamH I Vector Kit by Agilent Technologies product image
Lambda EMBL3/BamH I Vector Kit
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The Lambda ZAP-CMV vector allows production of libraries in a high-efficiency lambda vector. Libraries cloned into lambda vectors routinely produce greater than 4 times the primary library size as plasmid libraries. The Lambda ZAP II system combines the high efficiency of lambda library construction and the convenience of a plasmid system with improved blue-white color selection.
  •  High-efficiency lambda cloning with versatility of plasmid
  •  in vivo excision of cloned fragments into phagemid vector
  •  Expression of fusion proteins under control of lac promoter
  •  Allows screening in lambda with DNA probe or in mammalian cells with functional screen
  •  Create large, highly-representational libraries
  •  Clone genes that are toxic in E.coli

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