Lambda 10-2 Filter Wheel by AutoMate Scientific Inc.

Lambda 10-2 Filter Wheel by AutoMate Scientific Inc. product image
Lambda 10-2 Filter Wheel
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The Lambda 10-2 is a microprocessor controlled, high speed filter wheel. Its impressive speed coupled with exceptionally smooth operation make the Lambda 10-2 ideal for research applications involving fluorescence microscopy, ratio imaging, spectrophotometry, visual physiology, or any application requiring rapid and accurate aperture positioning.

The Lambda 10-2 controller which has both serial and parallel interfaces will drive up to two filter wheels and two shutters. Each wheel can hold up to ten optical filters (25mm in diameter and up to 9mm thick ) which are easily loaded through an access port on the housing. Additional filters (e.g., heat and/or neutral density filters) may be inserted manually at two other locations in the optical path. The optical ports on both sides of the unit are internally threaded as Cmounts (32 threads per inch). When mounted in an upright position, the center of the optical port of the wheel can be positioned from 11cm to 53cm above the mounting surface. Slide-in filter holders are optionally available for inverted configurations. A second wheel can be added to the system with no need for additional mechanical or electronic changes.