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Labware Carriers
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Tecan provides labware carriers to suit the widest possible range of sample tubes encountered in the life science laboratory.

Labware carriers can be placed at any position on the worktable. Mounting is simple for the user, thanks to a numbered grid system that ensures carriers are correctly guided into position. This allows easy removal of the carriers without invading the instrument workspace. Virtually any combination of carriers is possible allowing each system to be effortlessly adapted to support different applications.

Carriers for sample tubes are available for a wide range of tube diameters. Carriers are also available for smaller tubes such as Eppendorf® tubes, cryovials and PCR tubes. Microplate carriers can accommodate any microplate-based footprint, usually 24-, 96- or 384-well plates, as well as, for example, reagent troughs, MALDI targets and microscope slide adapters. Special carriers are available for high density formats such as 1536-well plates and crystallography plates. Temperature-controlled carriers are available to heat or cool reagents, e.g. media for cell-based applications, microplates and tubes.

Disposable tip carriers support racks of tips for pick up and easy, aerosol-free disposal. Using the same grid positioning, but placed at the edge of the worktable to optimize use of space, Tecan has a range of microplate hotels designed for storing numerous microplate-based objects. This includes deep-well plates or Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) cartridges ready for automatic loading onto the worktable with the robotic manipulator arm.

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