Laboratory refrigerators and freezers: EKOFRIGOLAB

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Angelantoni Laboratory refrigerators and freezers: EKOFRIGOLAB series

Angelantoni EKOFRIGOLAB series provide a vast range of laboratory refrigerators, freezers and combination of both for an ideal cold storage environment for the preservation of vaccines, medicines and reagents.

Robust & Versatile:
• Wide range of capacities from 130 to 1500 liters
• Single (+4°C or -30°C) or dual temperature (+4°C and -30°C) models
• Highly stability and uniformity of the internal temperature
• Fast temperature recovery after door opening
• Internal ventilation
• Stainless steel internal chamber
• Tropicalized execution (up to +42°C)
• Safety keys lock
• Internal lighting
• Removable shelves or drawers
• Low energy consumption

Microprocessor control system:
• Easy to use external control display
• for full control of all the set points (temperatures and alarms)
• ensure continuous monitoring
• Remote alarm
• Alarm section independent from regulation section

Trouble free cold storage customization.

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Laboratory refrigerators and freezers: EKOFRIGOLAB

Manufacturer Angelantoni Industrie s.p.a

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