MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators by PHCbi

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Uniform storage temperature for the most demanding applications

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MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators
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The Panasonic range of High Performance, medical / pharmacy Refrigerators gives reliable and worry-free cold storage of medical supplies and biological samples.

The accurately regulated internal temperature or these medical refrigerators is evenly distributed by fan-forced air circulation and ensures the safety and viability of valuable supplies, even in extreme ambient temperatures.

The range of medical refrigerators incorporates many features for ease of use and to ensure sample protection. These include glass sliding doors with heat reflective film and high/low temperature warning devices. There is even an automatic defrost which operates without affecting the internal temperature.

For wider storage needs the Panasonic range offers two different combined refrigerator/freezer models. These encompass the safe storage of vaccines, enzymes and other reagents which must be kept at low temperatures without freezing as well as providing a facility for storing frozen plasma, blood samples and any other reagents that require long term frozen storage.