Laboratory pH meters with maximum measurement reliability

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The latest high-performance pH meters from SCHOTT Instruments were designed for practical use in the laboratory. They are extremely easy to use, and offer maximum reliability and precision in all application areas. Routine work is facilitated by means of automated procedures.


The relevant data are easy to read on the large multifunction display. A sensor symbol signals the status of the pH combination electrode after calibration and can also remind the user when a calibration is due to be performed.


The keys have a defined pressure point for reliable, precise operation and are arranged clearly. The film covered touch pad does not accumulate dirt and is easy to clean. Concise operating instructions are conveniently located on the meter.


The user can select the resolution of the display as desired. The user can also either decide to use the resolution of 0.01 pH or 1 mV – which is usually sufficient – or the higher resolution of 0.001 pH or 0.1 mV. The accuracy is 0.005 pH or 0.4 mV.


Calibration protocol, calibration monitoring and evaluation of the measurement conditions are provided with the CG 843 and CG 843P as GLP supporting functions.


The versatile pH meters can be used to measure pH values, redox potential and temperature.

For the pH and mV measurement areas, the temperature of the measurement medium is simultaneously displayed if the temperature sensor is connected.