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Average Rating: 4.7
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Great tool to organize your lab...
Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area: organize your lab in a simple way

"it is really easy to messy in your lab freezer, storage, cell tank.... You can simply organize your stuff in Labguru... It is pretty easy to find your samples, antibody, cell.... It is little bit cost...but it is worth to pay it... "

Review date: 25 Jan 2017 | Labguru
Labguru enables you to easily define your research projects, milestones, protocols and experiments, as well as manage your tasks and events in an integrated calendar.

Project Management
Labguru emphasizes natural progression of scientific inquiry, rather than time-lines.
•   View your tasks, events and experiments – all in one place
•   Group experiments in milestones to build your projects and plan your progress
•   Plan as you go based on the results of experiments, helping you gain confidence in your research path

Don't Search - Find
Store digital copies of papers and protocols in Labguru, linking them directly to your work, so they can easily be retrieved.
•   Use tags to group related items from across the system
•   Quickly find whatever you’re looking for, even if you don’t recall its exact name

Your Data: Safe, Secure, Accessible
Bank Level Data Security
•   Web-based: Always accessible - anytime, anywhere
•   Secure and backed-up on multiple secure servers
•   Encrypted