lab2lab Analytical Instrument Optimisation and Delivery System

Manufacturer TTP Labtech

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lab2lab – the right samples in the right place in the right time

TTP Labtech’s lab2lab laboratory management system provides flexible, microtube transportation and scheduling. It has been developed from TTP Labtech’s proprietary pneumatic technology deployed in its comPOUND® sample storage system. 2D barcoded samples are sent to analytical equipment for analysis direct from your laboratory bench, so you can focus on your work rather than manage your sample’s progress.

The benefits of TTP Labtech’s lab2lab system include:

  • reliable, secure and rapid means of sample automation by transporting samples and resulting analytical data around research facilities
  • better lab management – linking scientists across different disciplines, connecting synthesis to purification, then to compound management and biological assays
  • enhances lab automation by maximizing the use of your analytical equipment
  • flexible and versatile – the receiver units can be easily linked to a wide range of analytical equipment including HPLC, LC/MS, GC/MS, UPLC and NMR
  • managed scheduling system – a buffer unit can schedule samples for analysis at specific times when the demand on analytical equipment is less, maximising access to the most commonly used instruments. It allows unattended 24/7 operation to reduce sample queues, optimise instrument use and increase the speed of data generation. The buffer unit can easily be connected to an integrated rack handling robot.
  • expansion capability – each router can connect up to 30 sender/receiver units and multiple routers can be easily linked together.
  • ability to transport large distances – lab2lab’s flexible delivery tubing can be run within the superstructure of a building or on the surface of walls and ceilings, as determined by the end user. There is no theoretical limit to transport distance and a single 6 bar compressed air supply can easily transport sample microtubes up to 1000 metres. Longer distances can be achieved using intelligent boosters.
  • integrates with any laboratory management system – can be integrated into any LIMS in any research facility where rapid, traceable sample analysis is required.
  • easy to install – lab2lab is simple to install, easy to customise and easy to expand

TTP Labtech’s lab2lab can be used for the following applications:

  • analytical chemistry – It is essential for medicinal chemists to have rapid and easy access to analytical equipment at all stages during chemical compound synthesis as it is used to characterise and ensure the integrity of chemical intermediates during a series of reaction steps and to analyse chemical composition after final purification.
  • drug development – your compound collection can be sent automatically to the chosen analytical equipment for overnight analysis without delaying the compound screening process
  • optimal sample management – the lab2lab system will integrate seamlessly with the TTP Labtech’s comPOUND storage system and it can also be integrated with other compound storage systems for efficient lab management.

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lab2lab Analytical Instrument Optimisation and Delivery System

Manufacturer TTP Labtech

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