KU-2™ Viscometer by AMETEK Brookfield

Manufacturer AMETEK Brookfield
for Paints, Coatings, and Inks

KU-2™ Viscometer by AMETEK Brookfield product image
KU-2™ Viscometer

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Brookfield's KU-2 Viscometer offers a completely digital calculating Krebs Unit Instrument with all the reliability you'd expect in Brookfield instrumentation and with relative centipoises display.

This instrument is used widely for making viscosity measurements on paints, coatings, and inks in accordance with ASTM D562. Continuous sensing and display in Krebs units, grams, and centipoise. Allows rapid sample measurement to determine required consistency.

KU-2™ Viscometer Features:

  • LED Digital Display info: Krebs Units (increased resolution in 0.1 KU increments), Grams (in 1 gm increments), and Centipoise (cP)
  • Easy to use; no weights; simplifies an established test procedure
  • Accuracy to ±1.0% of full scale range.
  • Reproducibility to ±0.5% of full scale range.