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Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area: Proteins, Peptides And Nucleic Acids Purification

" AKTApurifier is the best system for proteins, peptides and nucleic acid purification. This system is equipped with UV (280, 220 and 260) so proteins, peptides and nucleic acid can easily be detected. The system can be used to couple various columns such as Size-exclusion, Ion-exchange, Hydrophobic and Affinity. The system has a pressure detector to prevent column breakage. I recommend AKTApurifier for proteins, peptides and nucleic acids purification. "

Review date: 14 Feb 2014 | ÄKTApurifier
ÄKTApurifier core systems are versatile, modular liquid chromatography systems for fast and reliable separations of proteins and peptides.

We have made it simple for you. ÄKTApurifier can be a simple, no-nonsense workhorse or configured to manage complex purification tasks. No matter what ÄKTApurifier configuration you choose, you can always depend on UNICORN control software that delivers stable and active protein with minimal time and effort.

ÄKTApurifier 10 and 100 comes in standard configurations equipped with a triple wavelength UV monitor that allows detection of a wide range of proteins and contaminants. Together with the optional Monitor pH/C-900, temperature, pH and conductivity are measured in the flow path.

ÄKTApurifier 10 and 100 plus is an extended version of ÄKTApurifier. With ÄKTApurifier plus, the most widely used automation kits are pre-installed and pre-tested, and you get hassle-free purification and increased automation right from the start.

ÄKTApurifier UPC 10 and 100 systems offer robust monitoring of UV absorption at a single wavelength, as well as simultaneous conductivity and pH. These systems are economical alternatives and are designed for basic purification tasks.

ÄKTApurifier Features:

  • UNICORN method wizard provides a flexible and intuitive approach for easy method programming.
  • Optimize your purification using media screening and online buffer handling.
  • ÄKTA design automation kits enable enhanced functionality and increase productivity.
  • Reproducibility, quality, and built-in knowledge that reflects over 50 years of expertise in protein research.
  • Modular system design for customized solutions to fit a broad range of applications.

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ÄKTApurifier by GE Healthcare product image


Manufacturer GE Healthcare

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews