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With 13 different retention rates, the K series represents the standard depth filter sheet series from Pall.

They are classified as microorganism-reducing depth filters. They can produce filtrate with low organism counts or even zero counts for the EKS, EK 1 and EK grades if the influent bioburden is low. Grades K 100 through to K 900 cover the entire range from fine filtration through clarifying filtration to coarse filtration.

High Efficiency Bioburden Reduction

Successful bioburden reduction to achieve very low organism counts necessitates knowledge of the microbiological status of the product. The filtration procedure has to be adapted in such a way that the organism challenge limit validated for a particular depth filter sheet is not exceeded. Differential pressure must be limited to a maximum of 1.5 bar (14.5 psi) The flow velocity should not exceed 500 L/m2 /h.

To obtain assurace of sterile filtrate through a sterilizing membrane filter cartridge, downstream of depth filter sheets is essential.