Krystal 24 Well Microplates - Black and White

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Porvair's collection of clear bottom 24 well Krystal plates are optimised for fluorescence and luminescence.

The special design of the plates eliminates well-to-well light crosstalk inherent with other clear bottomed microplate designs, enabling unmatched accuracy and repeatability of photometric readings.

For photometric applications where samples are typically large, Porvair's range of unique black and white Krystal 24 plates provide a perfect solution. Offering 24 high volume wells in the convenient footprint of a standard 96-well plate, the Krystal 24 provides a large surface area per well enabling efficient cell growth.

Krystal 24 Well Microplates - Black and White Features:

  • Opaque walls to prevent well-to-well crosstalk
  • Clear plate bottoms permits direct microscope viewing
  • Base plate thinkness of 0.75mm
  • For use with top or bottom reading instruments
  • Maintaining the standard SBS/ANSI format
  • Well volume of 3.1ml
  • Constructed with ultra grade polystyrene

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Krystal 24 Well Microplates - Black and White

Manufacturer Porvair Sciences Ltd

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