KNAUER Smartline Pump 1000 by KNAUER - HPLC, SMB, Osmometry

KNAUER Smartline Pump 1000 by KNAUER - HPLC, SMB, Osmometry product image
KNAUER Smartline Pump 1000

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KNAUER's Smartline Pump 1000 solvent delivery technique is known for pulse-free flow without the need for classic pulsation dampening. This is achieved through a combination of a highly precise mechanism and a "smart" drive control which we simply term "electronic residual pulsation dampening".

Many well-known HPLC manufacturers (our OEM customers) rely on KNAUER pump technology for their own systems. The technical design of KNAUER's Smartline HPLC instruments has been optimized for the highest possible longevity of each component. Active piston seal wash, a standard feature in the Smartline Pump 1000, is a perfect example of this design philosophy. It not only provides peace of mind to chromatographers who work with concentrated buffers but also helps to decrease maintenance costs and extends the pump's lifespan as well.

Smartline HPLC pumps can also be easily upgraded at any time to form quaternary gradients, by adding a low pressure gradient module or by adding one or more pumps for high pressure gradients. All models are also available in a biocompatible version with titanium inlays.