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Foss Kjeltec Systems - A Kjeltec for every need

The new Foss Kjeltec series is designed to attain the best possible accuracy and precision in Kjeldahl nitrogen analysis. In order to answer all types of analytical requirements, the range consists of a number of instruments, from manual distillation units to fully automated Auto Sampler Systems.

The more safety features we build into the instrument, the less you will have to keep in mind
when operating the instrument. A Kjeltec from FOSS makes routine analysis safer.

The improved Foss Kjeltec range sets new safety standards in Kjeldahl nitrogen analysis. The instruments are equipped with a number of built-in safety features, such as sensors that detect if the tube is in place or not, if the door and/or the front hood is open, and if the reagent level is too high or low. They are also equipped with a fast and reliable tube-emptying system, which replaces manual handling of hot reagents after distillation.

The new Foss Kjeltec Analyzers offer unsurpassed value for money. Through new and optimized application routines, the running costs are kept extremely low. Furthermore, downtime and service costs are minimized by the use of carefully selected components and a built-in service mode in the software.

One example of the features that ensure superior accuracy is the interactive software that helps the
operator to avoid mistakes. The performance of the analyzer can be verified easily by using the built-in recovery test routine. Another is the possibility to pre-define a large number of automated procedures, supporting laboratories using several distillation methods. Furthermore, accurate bellows pumps and a highprecision refillable burette give long-term stability in
the delivery of reagent volumes.

The Kjeldahl method is the most versatile technique available for nitrogen analysis. In fact, it is the only method that can be used for analysis of both ammonium and nitrogen/protein content in samples with high diversity.