KjelFlex K-360 by Buchi Labortechnik AG

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KjelFlex K-360
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Rating: 5.0

"This distillation unit is one part of BUCHI system for Kjeldahl analysis. It has many safety features which are very important in this type of analysis. The instrument is very easy to operate and allows very reliable routine sample processing. All the corrosive reagents are dispensed automatically and it's connected to a titrator which allows very simple automation and data handling. I highly recommend the KjelFlex K-360 to anyone that needs to determine protein/nitrogen in food samples."

Review date: 10 Jul 2015 | KjelFlex K-360
A distillation unit that adapts to your requirements
The range of Kjeldahl distillation units comprises different models, manual and fully automated instruments. The KjelFlex K-360 is a modular and semi-automatic device which can be adapted to any need. By connecting a titrator to the KjelFlex, automatic titrations can be carried out with results stored in the memory of the distillation unit for better data traceability. The availablity of a special acid resistant pump enables an increased degree of automation and user safety when it comes to dosing strong acids for the determination of steam volatile components such as sulphur dioxide, alcohol, volatile acids and others. Depending on the sample throughput the user can choose between traditional glass or durable polypropylene splash protectors.

KjelFlex meets highest safety standards
All BUCHI distillation units allow safe and reliable routine sample processing due to state-of-the-art safety features including tube detection and sensors that monitor the flow of cooling water or if safety doors are closed. The storage capacity of the KjelFlex allows programming individual methods for any type of sample, thus ensuring the highest possible accuracy of results.

The BUCHI Kjeldahl instruments comply with official methods for the determination of nitrogen, protein or TKN required by organizations like AOAC, EPA, DIN, ISO. Customers in the food, beverage, feed, chemical or environmental area can rely on the competent expertise from BUCHI.