Kingfisher V by Raptor Photonics

Manufacturer Raptor Photonics

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Kingfisher V
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Using the new Sony ICX694 chip, offering 6MP resolution, the Kingfisher V has 4.54μm x 4.54μm pixels enabling ultra sharp image resolution and QE of up to 77%. The extremely low dark current is achieved by cooling to Δ -111°C allows long exposure times and extremely low dark current of 0.000001 e/p/s and readout noise of less than 1.5 electrons (Global shutter) makes it the perfect camera for staring applications.

The Kingfisher V camera offers outstanding performance for low light applications such as fluorescence imaging, astronomy, Bio & Chemi-luminescence, calcium signaling, fluorescence imaging / spectroscopy, flow cytometry, FRET / FRAP / TIRF, genome sequencing, high content screening, high resolution fluorescence imaging, hyperspectral imaging, live cell imaging, single molecule detection and solar cell inspection.

The camera is fully compatible with the XCAP software from EPIX (link). This high performance Image Analysis Software offers easy-to-use menus and dialogs and allows simple or complex imaging tasks to be effortlessly completed.