KingFisher Magnetic Particle Processor

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The Thermo Scientific KingFisher System gives you the ability to purify small-scale samples using magnetic particle processing.

The KingFisher magnetic particle processor is designed to automate time-consuming sample preparation proces of nucleic acids, proteins and cells from virtually any source. All purification steps are carried out in microplates with simple push button operation. Up to 24 samples can be processed per run.

Due to the innovative idea of transfer of magnetic particles instead of liquids, the KingFishers offer rapid and reproducible purification of high-quality DNA, RNA, proteins and cells for various types of downstream applications.

Features of the Thermo Scientific KingFisher System:

  • High-speed purification of nucleic acids, proteins and cells
  • Open and flexible system lets the customer use any magnetic particle based kit to meet the application demands
  • Easy-to-use BindIt Software provides instrument control, protocol creation and modification
  • Ready-made protocols for different type of applications available

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KingFisher Magnetic Particle Processor

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews