Kinetex® 1.7 µm Core-Shell Columns by Phenomenex Inc

Manufacturer Phenomenex Inc

Kinetex® 1.7 µm Core-Shell Columns by Phenomenex Inc product image
Kinetex® 1.7 µm Core-Shell Columns

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1.7 µm Kinetex core-shell particles are the first and only sub-2 µm core-shell particle on the market and produce the highest efficiencies of any sub-2 µm column on the market.

The secret is in the core-shell particle morphology. A uniform porous silica layer is grown on top of a solid silica core. This precise architecture results in a nearly monodispersed sub-2 µm particle that is at the forefront of UHPLC technology and challenging system manufacturers to develop next generation UHPLC systems capable of taking full advantage of the performance offered.

Kinetex® 1.7 µm Core-Shell UHPLC Columns Features:

  • High particle density helps create optimal bed structure which reduces band broadening effects of Eddy Diffusion.
  • Ultra-high performance on HPLC and UHPLC systems alike.
  • Reduced diffusion path improves efficiency Less homogenuous bed structure leads to performance loss.
  • Ultra-high performance limited to sub-2 µm particles on UHPLC systems.
  • Diffusion path limits efficiencies.

Column Characteristics:

  • Phase: C18, C8, HILIC, PFP, Phenyl-Hexyl, XB-C18
  • Particle Size: 1.7 µm
  • Pore Size: 100 Å
  • Length: 30, 50, 100, 150 mm
  • ID: 2.1, 3.0 mm