KH-3000 Microscope by Hirox-USA Inc.

Manufacturer Hirox-USA Inc.
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KH-3000 Microscope

Hirox-USA Inc.

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Review date: 03 Jul 2006 | KH-3000 Microscope
User Modes:

Up to 12 types of camera setting, including 6 preset, can be stored to meet the obserber and sample criteria for colors, sharpness, gamma values and others. You can immediately commence observation by turning "MODE" dial to the corresponding mode and selecting the appropriate camera settings. Reproduction in the same manner can be maintained.

Image Filing and Data Storage:

The Compact Flash memory card is used for large volume data storage to archive higher reliability and image quality. It boasts a convenient timer based image-recording capability, as well as storage of measurement data, calibration values, and camera-settings. The output is available to CRT, and S-video equipment for the recording of moving pictures.

Metal Halide Lamp:

We use metal halide lamps, since they resemble natural light and provide higher color rendition. It allows the original sample colors to be retained and makes the observation of vivid colors. The mechanical shutter is used for light control and to maintain a color temperature unchanged.


You can obtain accurate measurement with ease, since then most appropriate means of measurement is selectable for each application and digital zooming supports real-time measurement. We have also realized automatic measurement to minimize individual differences. Measurement data can also be stored in Excel format, making your reporting affordable. We also cater measurement for height.

Observation Ability:

We provide a wide range of lens types, from infinity to 6000x magnification, enabling 3-D observation in deep depth. Our products replace the need to use separate conventional microscopes for various applications by using a single lens and many lighting adapters. The main unit functions, further more, provide comfortable environment for super high resolution image processing in easy and convenient way.


A rear panel is equipped with various IO terminals to meet special specifications or allowing expansion for future functions.


It achieves very high speed PC data transmission through the USB2 port, avoiding the usual frustration associated with high volume super high resolution image transmissions. You can also share images freely in and outside your company via a high-speed LAN accessible from popular browsers and via a built-in Web server function.

Product Overview

KH-3000 Microscope by Hirox-USA Inc. product image

KH-3000 Microscope

Manufacturer Hirox-USA Inc.

4.0 / 5.0 | 2 reviews