Kb DNA Ladder by Agilent Technologies

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Kb DNA Ladder
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The Kb DNA Ladder contains fragments from 1 kb to 10 kb at 1-kb increments, as well as bands at 250 bp, 500 bp, 750 bp, 1500 bp and 12 kb. The bands at the ladder™s upper end are brighter than those at the lower end, with the transition to higher intensity at the 2-kb band serving as a useful reference point.
  •  Fragments are exact multiples or fractions of 1000 bp
  •  Includes useful reference point for determining location
  •  More economical than comparable markers
  •  Easy radiolabeling of ladder
  •  Known mass amount of each fragment for DNA quantitation
  •  15 fragments ranging in size from 250 bp to 12 kb