K6² - Colony Picking System by kbiosystems Limited

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K6² - Colony Picking System
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The following system can be supplied as:
  • Colony picking
  • Arraying
  • Micro-Arraying
  • Library consolidation
  • Cherry picking
  • Liquid handling
  • Custom Applications


  • Desktop Automated Colony Picking System
  • Pick From: Bio-Assay Trays, 50 - 150mm Culture Dishes, Omni Trays, 6 to 24 well growth plates
  • Inoculate into: 96, 384, 1536 well plates, omni trays (SBS format plates)
  • Picking over 1000 Colonies Per Hour
  • Regional selective colony picking as standard
  • Deep Well Inoculation
  • Destination plate lid removal system
  • Plate design software
  • Barcode Data Tracking as standard
  • Environment light controlled cabinet
  • Light weight desktop system
  • Single source single destination position base unit
  • System throughput can be increased using optional stacking upgrades:
    Tray Hive source plate retrieval system
    Plate Hive destination SBS plate retrieval system