Jouan RC10.22 series Vacuum Concentrator

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The Jouan RC10 series of vacuum concentrators/centrifugal evaporators offers a wide range of product protection features allied to rapid and safe concentration of heat-labile samples.

The RC10 modules can be combined with oil-free or high vacuum pumps, a choice of cold traps and a wide selection of rotors (eliminating sample loss by transfer), ensuring solvent recovery and sample concentration in the minimum time.

Product detail:

Choice of three models: RC10.22 High performance unit, RC10.10 Standard unit or RC10.09, Economy unit

Unique to RC10.22

Fast concentration: PULSE-VAPTM pulsed evaporation (patent) reduces concentration time to as little as half for low volatility solvents.
Instant protocol recall: 100 program memories.
Independent heater timer: Enables chamber to cool before run end so samples are not at risk while awaiting recovery.

RC10.22and RC10.10

Lid resistant to all solvents: Plate glass lid.
Easy access: Floating, sliding lid.
No sample loss: Automatic vacuum control prevents bumping and foaming.

On allRC10 models

No cross-contamination: Central exhaust. Minimum vapor time in chamber. No flow towards tube entry.
Energy level matches sample: Adjustable up to 80°C. (Note : Samples remain below 25°C in a vacuum).
Strong acid resistance: Optional PTFE bowl coating (not microporous like ordinary PTFE). Plastic Disk rotors.
Accept all your sample containers: Choice of 20 rotors for microtubes up to 450 mL tubes/250 mL samples and including HPLC vials.
High capacity: Up to 202 x 5 ml tubes, 92 x 10 ml, 32 x 15/25 ml, 10 x 50 ml, 6 x 180 ml, 4 x 250 ml.
Added heat protection: Low heat motor (patented) force field motor using just 4 small coils
Quiet operation: Low noise motor; not a centrifuge motor.
Robust: Stainless steel bowl, epoxy painted solvent-resistant casing.
Easy observation: plate glass lid (patent).
Modular system: Can be combined with a host of devices to optimise recovery of your samples.

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Jouan RC10.22 series Vacuum Concentrator

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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