Jouan MSC 12 Class II A2 BioSafety Cabinet

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MSC.9 not available in the U.S. and Canada.
MSC.12 NSF is available in the U.S. and

The Jouan MSC series of Class II Biological Safety Cabinets provides comfortable working conditions and certification to the world's highest safety standards. Fully automatic regulation ensures that the cabinets cannot be adjusted out of safe working conditions. Natural lighting, low noise and arm rest ensure safety through comfort.

Product detail:

For operator, sample and environmental protection.

Certified to NSF and EU Standards: Type A2 ensuring the highest protection. Positive pressure volumes surrounded by negative pressure to eliminate escape of contaminants if ever a leak occurred.

Large, clear working area:
46.8W x 23.6D in./ 1190W x 600D mm
or 35W x 23.6D in. / 890W x 600D mm

Simple to use: Clear controls with no adjustments necessary.

Safe: Automatic speed adjustment. Automatic extinction of light at half speed. Undisturbed air barrier - Arm rest prevents blockage of air intake grille.

Comfortable for long term work: Arm rest. Powerful lighting close to daylight. White interior without harsh reflections. Short distance between elbow and knee.

Moderate acoustic level: Below 58 dBA.

Sure: Hour counter, audible and visual alarms for power failure, open glass panel, blocked filter, high or low airflow, low exhaust flow, blower failure. Socket for DOP test.

Easy to clean: One piece chamber with rounded corners. Lift-up window giving access to inner part of top. Hook-up worktop, rounded underneath.

Easy to install: Only 29 in. / 735 mm depth required for passing through awkward passages and doorways.

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Jouan MSC 12 Class II A2 BioSafety Cabinet

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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