Jouan IGO150 CELLlife CO2 Incubator

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The IGO150 CELLlifeTM is the record holder for recovery time to set CO2 conditions with just three minutes to return to normal levels after a 30 second door opening!

Our renowned no-drift Infra-Red CO2 detector needs only annual calibration. The PID thermal regulation ensures accurate temperature control and the 86 liter water jacket provides full culture protection for hours in case of a power outage and excellent temperature homogeneity in general use.

The IGO150 CELLlifeTM sustains 98% relative humidity ensuring ideal culture conditions and gentle air movement dramatically reduces cross-contamination potential while maintaining excellent homogeneity.

Product detail:

High precision: Infra-Red CO2 detector, independent of temperature and humidity.

Fast recovery:
Under three minutes to return to previous CO2 level.

Under seven minutes to return to previous T°C level.

Under thirteen minutes to return to previous %RH level.

Ultra-clean environment:
Perfectly smooth walls with rounded corners.
Inner door latch without any chamber mountings.
Shelves and racks dismountable in seconds - no fixings on the chamber walls.

Prevention of contamination: Clean Chamber Concept - No fans, grilles or hidden spaces behind racking. Three HEPA-type 0.22 µm membrane filters on gas and air lines.

Superb sample protection: 86 liter water jacket holding 450x the chamber energy - buffers against temperature fluctuation and able to reduce temperature drop to under 1°C per hour in case of a power cut.

No condensation: Independent temperature programming of the inner glass door (+ contact probe - patent) eliminates the most common source of contamination.

Media osmolarity preserved: Large humidity pan and precise temperature control ensure 98% RH.

Intelligent design: Each shelf can hold 17 flasks of 250ml in one layer, 20% more than similar models. The double folded shelf edges ensure that cultures retain a horizontal level, even when heavily loaded.

Easy to service: Diagnostic menu saves time.

Multiple alarms: Visual, audible (mutable) and remote alarms for T°C, CO2, inner and outer door ajar plus optional remote telephone system.

Tailored alarms: Adjustable temperature and CO2 alarm thresholds.

Accurate CO2 supply: Pre-adjusted second stage regulator built-in.

Continuous gas supply: Using optional pneumatic gas changeover unit.

Space saving independence: Units are stackable while retaining individual controls.

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Jouan IGO150 CELLlife CO2 Incubator

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews